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8 Sneaky Ways to Foster Cognitive Development in Children

Are you wondering how to foster cognitive development in ways that will excite your children? We can all agree that the best learning experiences are ones that don’t feel like learning at all. Keep reading to discover eight sneaky ways to foster cognitive development in children.

My 2021-2022 Curriculum Picks for Middle School and Third-Grade

When I’m choosing a curriculum, I like to take five things into consideration; learning styles, So, what are our curriculum picks now that we have a middle-schooler and a third-grader? The first thing you should know is that we didn’t get super fancy with the curriculum this year and made very practical selections based on what gets the job done. The more we homeschool, the more we realize that the truest and greatest curriculum is life experience. So, we chose curricula that will allow us to have more time to do just that—live life.

Best Reading Curriculum for Emergent Readers

Wondering which reading curriculum is best for your child? Here’s a list of some of the best reading curriculum on the market. 

Top 7 Reasons Parents Struggle to Homeschool

Homeschool challenges often lead to feelings of frustration and incompetence for many parents. If you’re struggling to homeschool, you’re not alone. There are many reasons why homeschool challenges emerge, but after six years of interacting with hundreds of homeschool parents, the following reasons are common denominators.

How to Unveil Your Child’s Inner Genius and Boost Their Academic Confidence

I get many questions from homeschoolers about children and learning. In particular, how to engage reluctant learners in the education process. My response always points the parent back to studying their child and assessing what his/her dominant intelligence and learning style is. In other words, what does your child’s inner genius look like? Keep reading to find out!

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