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A Gift Guide for TWEEN Boys (or Girls)

As a boy mom, I know how challenging gift shopping can be as they progress toward the teen years. It seems that, after age ten, these growing lads become less interested in toys and more invested in video games and screentime. For this reason, birthdays and holidays can seem like a chore when you’re stumped on what to buy the preadolescent in your life.

Thankfully, I’ve done all the dirty work so that you won’t have to. I found twelve amazing gift ideas at affordable prices that are sure to put a smile on any tween’s face. Best of all, none of them involve a screen or shelling out hundreds of dollars for expensive gaming consoles! So let’s get into this gift guide, shall we?

1. Moon Shoes

Moon shoes are perfect for that active tween in your life. They are like mini trampolines for the feet, designed to help kids build endurance and practice new gross motor skills. Buy on Amazon

2. Laser Tag Set

This laser tag set is a great family gift that will create hours of backyard fun for the tweens in your life. This set claims to be the most advanced laser tag set out there with real target vests, a night-vision flashlight, 150 ft. shooting range, and more! Buy on Amazon

3. LED Light-Up Gloves

Take your standard—and boring—glove to the next level with these fun LED light-up gloves. These gloves are the perfect stocking stuffer for kids of all ages and come in three standard sizes for ages 3-13 years. Buy on Amazon

4. Paddle Ball Game

This paddle ball game is suitable for both indoor and outdoor fun. It is great for tweens that love playing tennis, ping pong ball, or who are looking to be introduced to racket sports. Best of all, this paddle ball game is a great way to practice coordination and motor skills.
Buy on Amazon

5. Basketball 3D Illusion Lamp

Got a basketball lover or sports enthusiast? They’ll love this basketball 3D illusion lamp. This lamp is not only aesthetically pleasing decor for any kid’s bedroom but also quite handy for those middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom. It even comes with a remote control. Buy on Amazon

6. Instant Camera

This instant camera is sure to be a hit with the aspiring photographer in your life. The camera is available in a wide range of bright colors and includes a selfie mirror, macro lens adapter, shutter speed feature, and much more. Don’t forget to also purchase the film and batteries sold separately. Buy on Amazon

7. Hand Operated Drone

It’s hard to go wrong with gifting a drone and this cool hand-operated one is a must-have. It has high-tech motion sensors that detect obstacles and is made of soft plastic material to make it safe for kids. Even better? This hand-operated drone is also equipped with LED lights to make nighttime flying an exhilarating experience. Buy on Amazon

8. Compact Binoculars

Compact binoculars are great for the adventurer in your life. These powerful binoculars have 12X high magnification with crisp vision and easy focusing. They are great for bird watching, hunting, sightseeing, and much more. Buy on Amazon

9. Magnetic Dart Board

Every tween needs a dartboard in their life. This magnetic dartboard is a great indoor game for rainy days. It helps kids practice hand-eye coordination, improves concentration, and is a great multi-player game for the entire family. Buy on Amazon

10. Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

If the tween in your life loves to sing, they’ll love this wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone. This wireless microphone can be connected to any smartphone, tablet, or laptop and will last up to eight hours. It can also be used as a speaker, player, and recorder. Buy on Amazon

11. Difficult Riddles for Smart Kids

This riddles book is the perfect gift for kids that love brain teasers. The book is equipped with 300 riddles designed to test logic, lateral thinking, and memory. Buy on Amazon

12. Kids Smart Watch

This smartwatch is a great gift for any tween. It includes seven kinds of games, three alarm clocks, a camera, a dial, a calendar, a calculator, a music player, ten contacts, photos, and more. No need to connect this watch to a cell phone, all functions are built into the watch. Buy on Amazon

I hope this post inspired you and offered some new ideas on what to buy for the tween in your life. Remember, if all else fails you can never go wrong with a gift card. Buy on Amazon

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  1. Charlee M.

    These are great gift ideas. I also saw some neat things for kids, that like spiderman or batman, on wish was the 3D superhero lamp. When I saw the 3D basketball, I thought of that.

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