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Nike Anderson

Blogger | Resource Author | Mentor | M.Ed.

Welcome to The Homeschool Genius!

Hi, I’m Nike! Not to be confused with the athletic brand, haha. I’m a Rhode Island native, wife of 14 years, boy mom of two, and a 7th-year homeschooling mama. I also happen to be the founder and chief author of The Homeschool Genius. I am so excited you’re here!

Homeschooling has been part of our life journey since 2014. Each year, we continue to strengthen our family unit and cultivate the confidence to live this unconventional lifestyle that God gave us a passion for. It is my pleasure to share this journey with all of you.

We practice whole-child education in our homeschool because we believe that children are more than the facts they can recite. This holistic approach to education aims to challenge and strengthen our children cognitively, physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and creatively. In short, we prioritize the full scope of our children’s developmental needs to ensure they reach their full potential.

The Homeschool Genius was created to provide a centralized location for all the ingenious tips, resources, ideas, and teaching moments that helped me mastermind my approach to whole-child education and gain confidence in my holistic homeschool journey.

My vision for The Homeschool Genius is to help families like yours foster a holistic homeschool journey that is centered on wisdom and drives your pathway to success.

I hope you leave this site feeling encouraged and empowered in your homeschool venture. Catch you on the blog!

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