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Christmas-Themed Worksheets Kids Will Actually Love

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! By Monday, many of us will already have our Christmas tree up complete with trimmings. But is your classroom ready?

Be the best teacher ever and make these adorable Christmas-themed worksheets part of your classroom today! Below are some of my latest kid-approved products coming from my classroom to yours. They work great for grades K-2 and can even be used for fun fluency practice over the holiday break. Check them out below!

Motivational Math Facts Practice

Click to see preview at Nike Anderson’s Classroom

Bring some holiday cheer into your classroom with these unique, Christmas-themed math practice worksheets. Designed for the 16 December days that lead up to Christmas break, these worksheets offer a motivational quote for each day as a “gift” of encouragement to students. The following quotes are included:

Motivational Quotes Included

Day 1. You were born to stand out!
Day 2. Always do your best!
Day 3. Nothing is impossible!
Day 4. If you dream it, you can do it!
Day 5. Be yourself!
Day 6. You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing!
Day 7. Never give up on yourself!
Day 8. Think happy thoughts!
Day 9. You are somebody’s reason to smile!
Day 10. You can learn anything!
Day 11. You are super special!
Day 12. The world is a better place with you in it!

Targeted Skillsets

Aside from being inspirational, these printable math facts worksheets are designed to develop and improve the following skills for grades 1-2:

1. Develop strategies for adding and subtracting whole numbers.
2. Fluently add and subtract within 20.

There are 12 worksheets for addition practice and 12 worksheets for subtraction practice. A total of 24 worksheets and 352 math problems!

Letters to Santa Reading Comprehension

Click to see preview at Nike Anderson’s Classroom 

Bring some holiday cheer into your classroom using these adorable, Christmas-themed reading comprehension worksheets. Included are 16 quirky letters to Santa with 48 follow-up questions.

Targeted Skillsets

These printable worksheets are designed to encourage and strengthen the following skills for grades K-2.

1. Read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension.
2. Demonstrate an understanding of key ideas and details.
3. Express creativity through the use of drawing to narrate the text.
4. Produce clear and coherent writing.

As a bonus, this set also includes a fun letter template for students to customize their own letters to Santa!

Both packets are common core aligned. Check them out on Teachers Pay Teachers for common core strand details.

Nike Andersons Classroom

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