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FREE Dear Santa | Dear God Letter Templates

This week, I created Christmas inspired letter templates! I know there are a ton of free Christmas templates out there, but I wanted to customize my own to use in my classroom. I want to reinforce to my kids that gratitude and generosity are great qualities to embody, especially during the holiday season. Therefore, I included a “guide” so to speak, encouraging kids to write down something that they’re thankful for, something that they’re hoping for, and something they plan to do for someone else. If your students choose to skip the guide, blank templates are also included for them to write as they wish.

You will also notice that the templates include a choice between a “Dear Santa” and “Dear God” salutation. That is because my children do not believe in Santa Claus, so we will be writing letters to God. Even though we don’t celebrate Santa (nothing wrong with people who do!), I still like my kids to write letters that include things they are hoping to get for Christmas. Makes my job easier! I know I am not the only parent who chooses not to play the Santa game, so I decided to share these templates with others.

These templates are totally FREE to download. No strings attached. All you have to do is click on the link below! There are twelve templates total with 4 design options. I hope this helps someone. Merry Christmas!



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