Homeschool Mentorship

Hi, I’m Nike (nee-kay) Anderson and I’m excited to meet you! I’m a veteran homeschooler to two boys and an M.Ed who specializes in Education Leadership. My passion is Whole Child Learning, an education method that prioritizes the full scope of a child’s development, rather than narrowly focusing on academics. Please take a look below for details on the services I can provide during this support call.

Who This Service Is For: 

✔️ Homeschoolers: Parents and caregivers needing general support that includes, but isn’t limited to, homeschool planning, Whole-Child Learning, socialization, choosing a curriculum, or crafting a solid homeschool vision.

✔️ Prospective Homeschoolers: Those looking to file their Declaration of Intent and/or need help getting started with homeschooling.

✔️ Non-Homeschoolers: Parents and caregivers who want to incorporate Whole-Child Learning into their home or looking to home educate their non-school-aged children.

✔️ Educators: Teachers looking to incorporate holistic education into their classrooms or offer services to homeschooling families.

Why Do I Need a Homeschool Mentor?

Every successful person has a mentor. Just Google any notable person you admire. Chances are, they are where they are because they had a mentor at some point in their career. Mentors offer the accountability you need to help you set and crush your homeschooling goals. Mentors provide a listening ear, constructive feedback, encouragement, and support. Remember, we’ve been where you are and we are here to validate your challenges and help you overcome them. The best part is that you can rest easy knowing that you are taking the future of your child’s education seriously by eliciting mentorship and taking the right steps toward the success of your homeschool journey.

Need Ongoing Mentorship?

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