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Homeschool Must-Haves Missing From Your List

You’ve got the pencils, the markers, and the notebooks, but do you have these items on your homeschool must-have list?

When I write posts like these, I try to think of the odd items parents typically never consider. Convenient items that can make homeschooling a bit easier. This year, I asked myself: Which items am I most grateful to have in my homeschool learning space? I wrote down all these homeschool must-haves to share with all of you. So, here goes.

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Homeschool Must-Haves You Totally Forgot

1. Timer

Sure, you’ve got a timer on your cell phone; Google even has a virtual one. However, including a physical timer in your learning space is more convenient and less distracting. Not to mention, your curriculum may call for one. Timers are often used with games and enrichment activities, so be sure to add it to your homeschool must-have list.

2. Pocket Chart

Another homeschool must-have is a pocket chart, for sure. There are so many things you can do with pocket charts. Use them as a literacy center, math story-problem chart, science wall, spelling and vocab station, or an interactive calendar chart. You can also use pocket charts for games and circle time activities. And you don’t have to pay fifty bucks for a stand, garment racks make great pocket chart holders.

3. Loose-Leaf Rings

Loose-leaf rings are typically that item you don’t realize you need until you need it. They’re great for organizing flashcards and linking them together. Never lose a flashcard again. Just hole-punch each of your flashcards and secure them with a loose-leaf ring. These ring sets are also excellent for hanging pocket charts and posters.

4. Display Easel

Since the dry-erase board isn’t on the list because you probably already own one, I decided to mention a display easel instead. Chances are, like many families, you’ll homeschool just about everywhere in the house. A display easel facilitates taking your dry-erase board just about anywhere you want to do lessons. It’s also handy to display other items like artwork and presentation projects.

5. Magnetic Dry-Erase Markers with Eraser Caps

Whiteboard erasers get misplaced easily. If you have a magnetic whiteboard, magnetic dry-erase markers with eraser caps is a gamer changer. You can stick the markers at the highest corner of the board where little hands can’t reach (or lose) them. You’ll never search for an eraser again. Even better? The next time your little one is doing a dry-erase activity, they won’t be as tempted to erase the surface with their hand.

6. Clipboards

Of course, clipboards had to make the homeschool must-have list. Most homeschool kids like to do their schoolwork where they’re most comfortable. Laying across the living room floor. Cozied up on the sofa. Relaxing in bed. Even in the car during road trips. A clipboard provides a portable surface to write on, allowing them to do their lessons anywhere they wish.

7. Sticky Tabs

I could mention bookmarks since that’s an item parents typically forget to purchase, but I think sticky tabs work better because they don’t fall out the books as easily. Not to mention, sticky tabs are multipurpose. You’ll find yourself needing them to mark pages in your teacher’s manuals, to use as tab dividers, to organize your planner, and more.

8. Music Playlist

Is a music playlist on your homeschool must-have list? Light classical or instrumental worship music creates a peaceful learning atmosphere in your home. Classical music boosts children’s concentration and even improves behavior. We have many songs on our playlist, but this stream is one of our favorites. Give it a try if you haven’t already.

9. Backup Plan

Backup plans for inclement weather typically don’t make it to must-have lists, but they should. Sometimes, you can’t make it outdoors. Make sure you have a Plan B to help your kiddos get those wiggles out and stay active. YouTube has great fitness videos for kids. You can even create a playlist of your favorite ones. This video is our personal favorite.

10. This Freebie

You don’t need to purchase this item on your homeschool must-have list. Be sure to download my latest resource, The ABC’s of Proverbs, for some fun devotional time with your kids. Turn it into memory verse cards. Make it a book. Make it a banner. Hole-punch it and put it into a binder. Or, laminate it and hang the pages like posters. Whatever you choose!

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I hope you enjoyed my 2020 list of homeschool must-haves. Don’t forget to subscribe for more freebies and resources. Cheers to a beautiful homeschool year!

2 thoughts on “Homeschool Must-Haves Missing From Your List

  1. Annette

    Some interesting option there. I don’t know if I agree they’re all must-haves. But it’s a good list on the less.

    1. Nike Anderson

      Thank you. I agree must-haves are subjective. I always get good ideas from other homeschoolers must-haves lists.

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