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Kinetic Sand Toy Review and Creative Ideas for Preschool

Kinetic sand is a toy that mimics real sand but has the molding capabilities of playdoh. It is widely used by children and adults not only for sensory play but also for therapeutic purposes.  Kinetic sand comprises 98% sand and 2% of a silicone oil called polydimethylsiloxane. Not only is this amazing sand fun to play with, but it also helps children develop their fine motor skills, creativity, and is great for sensory processing.

My children received eleven pounds of kinetic sand for Christmas, which was purchased online for just under $40. I wanted to include the sand in our classroom experience for three reasons:

1. The product claimed it never dries out (a problem we’d had with playdoh).
2. The product claimed it was not messy, as the sand sticks only to itself.
3. An overwhelming number of reviews suggested the product was great for helping children to focus, and improve many other skills.

After playing with this product for one month, here is my review. This review is not sponsored. All items were purchased with my own money.

1. Does the product dry out?

No, it has not dried out. My children often forget to place the lids back onto the containers when they’re finished playing, leaving the sand to sit for hours exposed to the air. The sand never dried out or even showed any signs that it might dry out in the future.

2. Is the product messy?

Yes and no. Yes, because when my toddler plays with it, sometimes he may take the sand out of the container and get some on the floor. Also, if my toddler has sticky or wet hands, some sand will stick to his hands. However, my kindergartner can play with this sand for hours without making a single mess. Overall, I think that smaller kids will find a way to make this product messy! It is their job, after all.  My suggestion is to ensure children wash and dry their hands thoroughly before playing with the sand. The great thing about this product is it sticks to itself, so cleaning it up when it spills is a breeze.

3. Does the product improve focus?

Yes. This sand is so mesmerizing that my children can play with it quietly for a long time. It is a great companion for the imagination. My suggestion is to use regular sand or Playdoh molds to maximize the playing potential of this product. We use sand molds by Melissa and Doug, which allows my children to make some cool-looking pretend treats. We’ve also used the sand to make shapes, spell words, and draw many things.

Overall, we’ve been enjoying this product.  My children ask to play with it often and, truthfully, I like to play it with often, too!

Other Ideas for Kinetic Sand!

Use a shallow storage container to house your sand. Decorate the top using fun stickers.

Use the sand as a fun way to practice sight words and CVC words.

Use your sand as a fun way to practice shape recognition with your little one.

Use a kitchen set to bring sand-play fun to the next level! Cooking incorporates many skills like problem-solving, math, and creative skills.

Do you use kinetic sand for enrichment activities in your homeschool? If so, let me know how you use it!

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