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Black Women in History | Mini Bundle


Format: PDF | Pages: 45 | Grades K-4


Here’s what’s included: 45 Activities that cover Marian Anderson, Phillis Wheatley, Sojourner Truth, Wilma Rudolph, and Bessie Coleman! Each figure includes the following:


1. Read-Aloud

2. Coloring Activity

3. Reading Comprehension Activity

4. Cut and Paste Activity

5. Handwriting Activity (2 options)

6. Reflection Activity (2 options)

7. Kinesthetic Activity Game




Thank you for your interest in this product! This resource is not a curriculum and is best used as a supplement for Black History. This mini-bundle includes activities to help students learn about black historical figures, Marian Anderson, Phillis Wheatley, Sojourner Truth, Wilma Rudolph, and Bessie Coleman. Similar products, including individual deals for each figure, can be purchased at my online store, Nike Anderson’s Classroom


There’s no right way to utilize these activities. Feel free to mix and match the ones you’d like to use in your classroom. These activities can be used as classwork, homework, assessments, peer group assignments, booklets, reports, early finisher work, and more!


Forty-five activities are included to help develop and reinforce the following skills:


· Reading comprehension

· Critical thinking

· Analyzing

· Creativity

· Fine motor

· Sequencing

· Vocabulary

· Reasoning

· Spelling

· Handwriting


****Here’s what’s included: 45 Activities! Each figure includes the following:


1. Read-Aloud: Read a brief biography of the historical figure and practice key terms with your students to help maximize knowledge retention.


2. Coloring Activity: Use this activity to reinforce fun facts, encourage creativity, and discuss one of the historical figure’s famous quotes.


3. Reading Comprehension Activity: Assess mastery of the material using this easy-to-follow reading comprehension and story sequencing activity.


4. Cut and Paste Activity: Use this activity as a gentle, but fun, way to assess comprehension.


5. Handwriting Activity (2 options): These activities are for students who need more handwriting practice (or are early finishers). Beginners may use the tracing activity. Advanced students can use the blank handwriting sheet.


6. Reflection Activity (2 options): Make the material more meaningful to your students by allowing them to reflect and form opinions. For students that have trouble expressing themselves in written language, use the drawing option!


7. Kinesthetic Activity Game: Add to the fun using this True or False jumping game. This kinesthetic activity is a perfect way for students to get those wiggles out and demonstrate what they’ve learned.


Happy learning!

~Nike (nee-kay)



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