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Simple Gummy Bear Experiment


This week, we had fun with a little gummy bear science. This experiment is great for introducing little ones to physical science. Even better? It reintroduces parents to the sweet yummy snack we used to love as kids. Or is that just me?

I’ve seen this experiment floating around Pinterest using water only. To shake things up, we’ve added vinegar and salt water to the experiment to see if different solutions produced different results. Here’s what we did.

What you’ll need:

QUESTION: What physical changes will occur when a  gummy bear is placed in water? Salt water? Vinegar?

Step 1

Before beginning the experiment, download the FREE worksheet below to document observations of the gummy bears in their original form.

Step 2

Label each cup—water, salt water, and vinegar.

Step 3

Pour each liquid into assigned cups.




Step 4 

Place a gummy bear into each cup.

Step 5 

Wait a few hours (preferably 24) and document new changes.

Here’s what should happen:

1.    The gummy bear sitting in water should get considerably larger. This is because the ingredients, water, gelatin, and sugar give the candy a sponge-like nature that soaks up the water. The gelatin prevents the gummy bear from disintegrating.

2.    The gummy bear sitting in salt water should stay relatively true to size. This is because salt is a natural preservative.

3.    The gummy bear sitting in vinegar should also get considerably larger. But unlike the gummy bear in water,  this gummy bear broke apart as soon as we touched it. This reaction is due to the acidity of the vinegar, which breaks down the gelatin.

~Inspired by Creative Lesson Cafe~

Have you tried this experiment? What other experiments should we try? Let us know down below!

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