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The Perfect Way to Introduce Black History to Children

Are You Ready to Teach Black History? Start with Black Inventors!

Many educators wonder how to go about introducing Black History to small children. My advice for any age is to start off with the positive.

In our homeschool, studying black inventors was the perfect introduction to black history in America. As a mother of two wonderful black boys, it was important to me that they saw a positive representation of themselves in American history that did not focus on slavery. There was just something about seeing their eyes light up as I read them stories about Lewis Latimer, Elijah McCoy, Alexander Miles, and many other inspiring black men and women.

I wanted to share this joy with other children, so I created the resource, Black Inventors in African American History. These resources have not only been enjoyed in our homeschool, but are tested and approved by children to ensure they are palatable, educational, and fun. It is currently one of my top-selling products!

Read Below for a Detailed Description of This Fun Black Inventors Activity

Don’t let these amazing Black inventors get overlooked. Enjoy this gentle introduction to Black History. Inspire your students with these engaging activities that aim to strengthen the following skills:

•    Reading
•    Writing
•    Creativity
•    Understanding

Each worksheet includes the following activities to help build and encourage knowledge retention:

•    Read About Me.
•    Color My Picture.
•    Practice Writing My Name.

The following Black inventors are included in this set:

1.    Elijah McCoy
2.    Lewis Latimer
3.    Dr. Patricia Bath
4.    George Washington Carver
5.    Jan E. Matzeliger
6.    Alexander Miles
7.    Marie Van Brittan Brown
8.    Mary Kenner
9.    Madame C.J. Walker
10.  Sarah E. Goode

Go no-prep or include these activities into your Black History lesson plan. The choice is yours! 

Includes A Fun Review!

This set also includes a fun cut-and-paste review! In this review, students are required to match the inventor to their invention. This is the perfect activity to assess knowledge retention. 

Visit Nike Anderson’s Classroom for More Black History Goodies!

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