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Two Surefire Ways to Introduce and Teach Black History to Children

Are You Ready for Black History Month?

A frequent question among parents and educators is how to go about introducing black history to small children. My advice for any age is to start off with the positive. There were two ways I accomplished this in our homeschool. I will share those methods with you in today’s post. Keep reading to discover two surefire ways to introduce and teach black history to children.

1. Start From the Beginning

One way to introduce black history is by starting from the beginning. That is, studying history through the lens of ancient African kingdoms. After all, black history began long before colonization and slavery. Many people are surprised to learn just how innovative and sophisticated these African empires were. Nubia, the Mali Empire, and the mysterious Land of Punt are great starting points. I’ve created a brand new printable resource with beautiful images, fun facts, and activities to help introduce children to ancient Africa. It is from my classroom to yours and I hope you enjoy it as much as my kids do. Be sure to click the button below to read about it and get your copy!

“There was just something about seeing their eyes light up…”

2. Start with their Contributions to the World

The second way I introduced black history to my little scholars was through studying black inventors and their contributions to the world. It was important to me that my African American children saw a positive representation of themselves in American history that did not focus on slavery. There was just something about seeing their eyes light up as I read them stories about Lewis Latimer, Elijah McCoy, Alexander Miles, and many other inspiring black men and women. I wanted to share that joy with ALL children because I believe all races benefit from studying history through different lenses. That’s why I created the resource African American Inventors. This is yet another resource I personally used with my own children. You can click the button below to read more about this resource and get your copy!

Best Seller!

My hope is that parents and educators would become more intentional about teaching black history beyond Dr. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and Frederick Douglass. While they are extraordinary figures, there’s so much more about black history to unpack. That is why we should learn this history all year round.

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