Write for The Homeschool Genius

Write for The Homeschool Genius

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Writer’s Guidelines for Article Submissions

Thank you for your interest in writing for The Homeschool Genius!

The Homeschool Genius was created to provide a centralized location for all the ingenious ideas, tips, and teaching moments that helped many homeschoolers mastermind their homeschool and gain confidence in their journey. Our vision is to help homeschool families foster a healthy, unique, and motivating homeschool journey that drives their pathway to success.

If you feel you are the right fit for our team, please read the following guidelines.

  • Original Content: To uphold the integrity of our brand, all submissions to The Homeschool Genius must be original content and will run through a plagiarism detection tool. In addition, all submissions must be previously unpublished. Work posted anywhere online or in print counts as published.
  • Publishing Rights: Upon acceptance of your article, you give The Homeschool Genius the right to publish it online and archive it on our website.
  • Author Bio: When submitting content, please include your name and a short biography (bio) that will be placed beneath your article. As an option, you may also include a professional picture of yourself.
  • Promotional Space: Because we are not offering monetary compensation at this time, we will include a promotional space below your article where you may promote your product, service, website, book, etc. We will include one (1) hyperlink for readers to have instant access to your company, website, or blog.
  • Submission Acceptance: All articles submitted will be read and considered for publication. If we accept your submission, it will be placed in a file for future use. We will notify you that your article is accepted. We will also send you a hyperlink to your article via email when it’s published.
  • Article Topics: We are currently accepting articles about a variety of topics. The list below is not exhaustive, so feel free to submit articles on other topics not explicitly mentioned.
    • “How-to” information on any academic/homeschool subject
    • Inspirational stories of homeschooling
    • Organizational tips
    • Real-life homeschool experiences (including a day-in-the-life)
    • Display of your homeschool space
    • Articles about teaching children with different learning styles/needs
    • Meal/lesson/activity planning
  • Word Count: Most articles should be approximately 400-800 words. The maximum word count per article is 1000. As a suggestion, if your article is more than 500 words, please use headers to break up text and make your article easier to read.
  • Article Format: For the highest quality publication, we ask that you use the following format when submitting articles.
    • Use a 14-point Open-Sans font for the entire article, including title and subheadings. You may use bold font for the title and subheadings in your article. Italics may be used as appropriate for word emphasis, titles of books, magazines, etc. Do not use all caps or underlining.
    • Format your article using single spacing. There should be no double hard returns (hitting Enter twice) in the article.
    • Use one hard return (hit Enter once) between paragraphs.
    • Use only one space (after end punctuation) between sentences in the article.
    • Do not number pages or include headers, footnotes, endnotes, or any other special formatting.
    • At the end of your article, please include your bio (up to seventy-five words).
  • Grammar: We want to present well-polished posts, so please pay careful attention to grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. We will exclusively follow The MLA Style Manual (http://www.mla.org/style).
  • Images: Lead images are included with every published article. If you would like to supply the image, please submit a high-resolution image as an attachment (PNG), along with your article submission. Do not place your image inside of the draft. The editorial team will determine if the image is a good fit for the article. Inline images will help to illustrate your article and break up the text. Images should be no wider than our column width, which is 600 pixels wide. For all images, please include image credits upon submission.

Finally, all submissions should be sent (as Word documents) by email to nike@thehomeschoolgenius.com. The subject line should be “Article Submission.” We look forward to working with you!

Best wishes,

The Homeschool Genius Team

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